Beta Engineering LTD represents at Ukraine’s market Algas-SDI company, a leading USA manufacturer of vaporizers.

In 1932 American Liquid Gas Corporation (later known as Algas Industries) received its first patent for a unique vaporizer - the direct gas fired vaporizer for use with LP-Gas. This type of vaporizer soon became the standard throughout the Americas and many other places around the world. Later, in 1937, the design was improved and another patent was issued on the pre-cursor to what is now called the 40/40H and 80/40H.

Algas-DII offers electric, hot water or steam powered and direct fired LPG vaporizers.

ZIMMER™ Electric LPG Vaporizer

The ZIMMER's Patented design incorporates breakthrough technology never before seen in the LP-Gas industry. By departing from the status quo, Algas-SDI has created a product that is simple, reliable and affordable.

Applications include commercial, light industrial, mobile, and high-end residential. Commercial and industrial users will benefit from smaller space dedicated to LPG facilities, consistent pressure and combustion when used with LPG, and trouble free fuel supply day-in and day-out.

  • Self regulating heaters modulate their heat output
  • to match the LPG usage
  • No switches, thermostat's, floats or relays to cause problems
  • Small, lightweight and wall mountable
  • Dry electric design - no corrosion & no water to maintain or shut the vaporizer down
  • Convenient size - can be directly mounted on tank with optional tank mounting kit


TORREXX™ Electric LPG Vaporizer
  • Proprietary Liqui-SAFE™ Valve positively prevents liquid carry-over and provides visual indication when tripped.
  • Unsurpassed reliability through simplified and more robust controls; thermocouple temperature sensor, no start/stop switches to complicate field wiring.
  • Heavy duty 135 amp contactor increases life, and reduces maintenance.
  • Replaceable temperature controller with adjustable set point.
  • Thermocouple temperature sensor increases life and reduces maintenance.
  • Withstands momentary power interruptions without service disruption.
  • Dry electric design requires no water or glycol.
  • 98% thermal efficiency.
  • Perfect for any climate - rated to -40 F./ -40 C.
  • Ready for operation in less than one minute.
Optional economy operation valve - allows vaporizer use only when needed. Pressure activated. No electricity required.


HYDREXX™ Hot Water or Steam Powered LP-Gas Vaporizers

The HYDREXX butane / propane vaporizer manufactured by Algas-SDI is made from corrosion resistant materials for long life.

Coupled with Algas-SDI's proven Liqui-SAFE valve, the HYDREXX LPG vaporizer provides a reliable and safe source of vaporized propane or butane. The HYDREXX is a perfect substitute for direct gas fired propane vaporizers where an increase in perceived safety is desired or where the vaporizer needs to be mounted in close proximity to the tank. It is common to install these units with compact wall-mount hydronic boilers making for a safe yet simple gas powered solution.

  • Corrosion FREE! Stainless steel tubes and aluminum water jacket ensure "ZERO" corrosion failures
  • Proprietary Liqui-SAFE™ Valve positively prevents liquid carry-over and provides visual indication when tripped
  • Perfect for any climate ? rated from -40° F / -40° C
  • No electric components ? no switches, thermostats, relays, or solenoid valves
  • Insulated heat exchanger
  • 100% turndown
  • Hot water or steam powered


Direct Fired LPG Vaporizer

Direct Fired vaporizer uses direct flame to vaporize liquid LPG inside a heat exchanger. Requiring no electricity, the Direct Fired vaporizer utilizes LPG itself as its source of energy and provides a constant supply of LPG, regardless of the LPG composition. Its durable and safe design make it perfect for any number of agricultural and industrial applications, including animal confinement, crop drying, construction heating, manufacturing processes and many more.

Algas-SDI's line of Direct Fired vaporizers is designed and constructed to withstand the harshest of conditions. The units include time tested and proven components and a heavy gauge, powder coated steel cabinet, making them exceptionally rugged and ready for all conditions and applications.

The units include the following features:

  • No Electricity Required
  • Simple to install with reduced installation costs
  • Automatic 9VDC re-ignitor re-lights pilot flame in case of outage and allows simple push-button start
  • Inlet strainer included on models: 40/40H - 120/60H
  • Double liquid carry-over prevention safety
  • Operates in any climate / weather
  • New Design increases reliability, durability and ease of service
  • Proprietary capacity control valve allows multiple units of equal or different size to be installed in parallel for increased vaporization capacity.
  • Burner gas supply isolation valve for easy servicing of regulator and thermostatic gas valve
  • Brass thermowell for thermostatic gas valve allows easy replacement without needing to remove unit from service.
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel flue shroud for long life
  • Burner is easy to remove from front without removing unit from service
  • Flue can easily be ducted through roof for indoor installation in severe snow applications


AZEOVAIRE™ Steam Powered/Hot Water Powered  LPG Vaporizer
  • Bayonet Style shell and tube heat exchanger utilizes saturated steam/ hot water to vaporize liquid LPG.
  • Indirect heating design is simple and reliable.
  • Offers 100% turndown.
  • Bayonet design allows for stress free expansion and contraction of heat exchanger tubes.
  • Control system designed so liquid inlet solenoid not allowed to open until vaporizer up to minimum temperature.
  • Fully insulated for maximum thermal efficiency.
  • Stainless steel outer heat exchanger tubes are standard.
  • Includes liquid LPG strainer and steam trap with strainer.


AQUAVAIRE™ Vertical /Horizontal Gas Fired Waterbath LPG Vaporizer

Algas-SDI AQUAVAIRE vaporizers set the industry standard with their proven long-term reliability in all weather conditions. These rugged, but refined, gas fired waterbath vaporizers take the beating of continuous or occasional use whether it be at an industrial facility or at a ski resort in the mountains.
  • Eclipse Combustion industrial duty fixed air forced draft power burner provides optimum exhaust stack temperatures and fast response to load changes.
  • Cold-weather start feature eliminates liquid at burner
  • Water circulation pump eliminates thermal stratification and maximizes efficiency.
  • Built-in heavy ends separation chamber prevents clogging of downstream devices.
  • Minimum waterbath volume provides lower initial cost to fill/start-up vaporizer.
  • Lowest emissions in industry for vaporizer capacity.
  • Lower operating temperature results in less glycol boil off and less maintenance.
  • Best in class, double protected cabinet-powder coating over heavy duty galvanized sheet steel.
  • Complete skid mounted package with all necessary controls, safeties, and eight point annunciator display panel.
  • AQUAVAIRE Horizontal vaporizers are workhorses designed for large industrial applications and for utility peak shaving. While we offer a standard configuration, these units are frequently tailored to specific needs.
  • Angled propane heat exchanger to ensure all liquid is boiled and superheated.
  • Parallel path propane heat exchanger designed for low pressure drop.
  • Multiple fire tube heat exchanger to minimize stack temperatures, maximize efficiency.
  • Full modulating Eclipse Combustion burner fires into a combustion chamber, not a tube.
  • Galvanized water bath expansion tank reduces glycol boil off and reduces oxygen entrainment, which is the primary cause of corrosion.
  • Dual water circulation pumps ensure even heating and maximum heat transfer.
Available with walk-in maintenance house





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