The LPG monitoring system is designed for remote monitoring of gas level in LPG tank. Information is transmitted by means of radio data from the tank to a remote place.   

Main technical data:

Transmitter environment Ех-zone
Receiver environment usual
Transmission frequency 433 MHz
Transmitter power supply Internal lithium battery (min. 5 years of operation)
Receiver power supply АС adapter
Basic range 100 meters (may be extended)
Sending of information Every 1 min.

The system is offered in 2 versions:

  • Basic version: transmission of information about the amount of gas. Information displayed it on the LCD of the receiver as % value of the tank volume.
  • GSM version: the receiver additionally has an implemented GSM modem, which allows the user to check the gas level with his mobile phone.

To manager multiple tanks and large systems there is special software available.

Sender KTX01 performs digital reading from the level gauge. It is compatible with all types of level gauges. Measurement accuracy is the same as by the mechanic indicator installed on the tank. Sender ensures following functions:

  • Indication of the gas level in the tank and radio data transmission;
  • Monitoring of cathodic protection;
  • Measurement of ambient temperature and internal battery;
  • Energy generation from an outside source 1,2V (cath. protection, solar sell, battery)

Receiver KRX01 with LCD display serves to receiver the signal from one or more transmitters KTX01. If the user needs to transmit information by means of SMS, the device is equipped with a GSM modem.

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